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It takes usually from 3 up to 10 weeks to create a video. The time needed depends on the scope and the type of the project. Making a video clip or an animation is different than making an image video or a corporate video. There are three elements tided with each other: a professional service, the optimal time for delivery and the best price. It is the client who choses which element is the priority and what compromises he is ready to make.
Yes, we do. It is a base of a well-organized shooting set and a post-production phase for us. Usually, the clients bring us the concept of the story. Our task is to adjust the client’s vision to the technical possibilities, bring new ideas and approach the story in a creative way. Our experience and know-how allow us to prepare an optimal scenario that will fulfill your needs and expectations.
We can only advise the cost once the scenario is ready. The number of hours or days depends on the number of shoots and the amount of footage for editing. The complexity of shoots may require additional equipment or hiring actors/extras. There are many factors that can affect the cost. It would be ideal if at first, we could meet for a coffee and discuss your needs and expectations.
Fantastic! The conceptual work is done, we can now start the shooting. During a meeting with our creative team, we can go through your idea and prepare the scenario. Next steps should be easy. Once the scenario is approved, the director is planning shoots, content, and storyboards. Our crew will look for the locations, the actors, a shooting schedule, and the partial costs. After that, it is the time to start the footage recording, post-production and presenting the video to the client for approval or further modifications. And the video is ready!
To prepare the quote we need to know how many shoots and what type of shoots are needed, where will be the video set, are there going to be actors involved, how the post-production will look like (will you need an additional graphic animation?). Also, the cost of a license is a factor. It depends on the types of the use of your material. An indication what budget the client allocates for the project is extremely helpful for us so we know the amount within which we can operate.
We certainly are! We cooperate with partners which hire the professionals and people with experience in such productions. Based on the scope of scenario, we prepare a list of actors and extras that we recommend, but the final choice is made by the client.
Sure, it is. Whatever you need! We will gladly show your audience what happens in the backstage. It is a way to improve your relationship with clients and shorten the distance. It also shows that the client treats seriously his image or the promotion of a new product.
Different types of videos have different length. There are recommended time frames for each type of videos. The videos posted on social media should be relatively short but packed with the relevant content. The exception is YouTube, where prevailing is the educational, training, or inspiring video. Those can easily last a few minutes. The image video last often few minutes while the training ones are much longer as they include the highest number of shoots, photos, and information. Often, the latter are prepared in the few topic-related series.
The time of each production stage depends on the scale of the project and the role we are playing in the production. If we receive a ready scenario from client, our role is limited to organizing the shooting set, recording the footage and to wrap up with the post-production steps. The client saves time on writing a scenario with us.
Yes, we can. Nowadays the visual advertisement in social media is the basic marketing strategy for most of the companies. Thanks to our experience we know how to fit the product to a particular communication channel, and we can advise you the best solutions.

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