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We tell


We tell


It has been a long time since our film adventure began. From the very beginning we have been listening to our clients’ stories, paying attention to what they wanted to share with their audience and then we reflected all that in our videos.

We are trying to show the individual stories, how companies and brands are created by people with a great talent and potential, who works with a great commitment.

What gives us a competitive advantage among competitors, have always been an individual approach, interest in your ideas, openness to your wishes, expectations, and suggestions and creativity that does not follow the current marketing trends, but inspires us to act in a unique way. All these are supported by a reliable execution and a professional know-how.

Nowadays, when it is so hard to tell the difference between products and brands, only by being different from the competition, by applying a unique approach to the image of a brand or product and by having an original idea and a fresh style of your story, you could effectively sell your products.

We know how to listen to your story; this skill allows us to find there your needs and then to show it in our videos.

Stages of production

How we work?



It all starts with a conversation about your idea and the purpose of creating the video.

Even the smallest idea, a concept, or a remark that may seem not relevant at the first glance, are important. During such brainstorm, fresh and amazing ideas can pop up. The scenario will be based on the sum of the ideas and expectations. Your needs and expectations will define the impetus of the project.

screenplay (1)


The scenario will be based on the sum of the ideas and expectations.

The next step is to write a scenario, which is based on the previously gathered ideas and discussed expectations. All scenes that supposed to be in the video are described in the scenario. The final version of the scenario is sent to the client for the approval or further modifications. The organization at the film set, roles and tasks of everyone who is involved in the movie are described in the approved scenario.

video-camera (1)


At this stage we take the shoots and record the oral parts.

Shooting is one of the nicest stages and a professionally written scenario helps to execute the planned activities. We appreciate if the client can be involved at this stage to highlight the most important elements, introduce necessary changes, or accept the ideas and solutions on the spot.



The post-production stage includes the editing of the recorded footage to reflect the agreed scenario.

Our technicians process the visual layer to make it consistent with the atmosphere and style of the video. At the end we take care of the sound effects. If the additional sound effects or graphic animation were also agreed, we add them at this stage.

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