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include a wide range of activities related to film production and editing.

We say that a good video can show your story, evoke emotions, share knowledge equally as a thousand words.

Our services of video production include a wide range of activities, starting with a creative work with the idea, writing a scenario, providing the well-organized film set, photos realization and finishing with a post-production, when we often combine the footage with an advanced graphic animation.

With our productions you can support marketing of your company/brand with a valuable visual message. Nowadays social media and ads in Internet are a powerful advertising tools that cannot be ignored. To mark your online presence, the company website and stories posted on the blog are not enough anymore.

The most common and effective ideas to use a video in advertisements are:

  • a video as a main element of a meeting, conference or training,
  • promotional video in shopping malls or during fair trades and events,
  • a video send in an email campaign to clients e.g., as a newsletter,
  • as an offer send to new clients, partners,
  • as a presentation on your website,
  • to post it in social media as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn,
  • to publish it on an external portals (in the sponsored or promotional articles),
  • to show in TV,
  • as an online advert e.g., Google Ads,
  • a video displayed on the street screens.

Advertising and promotional videos

Advertising spot is a short, concisely told story that last no longer than 30 seconds. Its aim is to raise awareness of the brand, encourage customers to choose a particular product or service. A successful advertising spot is a fusion of the original idea, good scenario, product’s/service’s advantages combined in a visual message.

Promotional videos are an effective option to advert your products or services, through building a clear, strong image of your brand or company that stays behind them and guaranties their quality. Each well-made and effectively used promotional video has a huge impact on the viewers. We specialize in creating promotional videos. Our knowledge how to use a potential of the video making process and understanding viewers’ preferences allow us to create an effective tool for visual advertising.

Corporate and training videos

Corporate video is a genre itself among the promotional videos. It usually shows how the company operates, focusing on its mission and achievements. The target audience are clients and business partners. It is not dedicated to the individuals. Its purpose is to build an image of the company among the potential clients, often among employees and partners.

Training video is dedicated to the employees and partners. It is used internally without showing in the external presentations or in social media. Training videos may be confidential and often are created along with the provisions of the confidential rules or non-disclosure agreements.

Reportage videos

It is a form of the report from the event, a short piece where the story is accompanied with a well-suited music. It is often called an event or a conference reportage. It is often done as a series of interviews registered during the event. It captures its atmosphere and shows emotions of the speakers, who present the aim of the event and its main points.

Event reportage – the dynamic way of editing this type of video shows the character of the event. The footage is illustrated with music. We use different techniques here – high depth of the field, shoots in a slow motion or at an accelerated rate, a 360-degree shoot or sequences from drone. Thanks to the usage of the graphic animations 2D and 2,5D the footage is more interesting for the eye and includes more information.

Production and editing of video clips

No matter if you are a concert artist, an event artist, a creator, or a performer in any type of music forms – the video clip that we will tailor to your individual needs will allow you to reach a wide range of audience, support your song with a video images and gather fans! The story told with music and text is more powerful and reaches people at deeper level. Video clips production and distribution become the most effective tool to promote an artist or his art.

Aerial view video

The license for operating a drone i.e., a carrier of an equipment that allows filming objects and events from above, gives us a wide range of options to use techniques of shooting aerial view footages. It allows us to show the filmed objects from this amazing perspective, that otherwise is not available for the viewers. The bird’s eye view makes the footage lighter and broaden the scope of the view e.g., we can show the size of the company’s estate, the size of the investment (corporation, brand image), all the surroundings of the advertised object (hotels, tourism) or a mass scale of the event (concerts, installations).


2D Animation, Time-lapse, Effects

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